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This section contains client letters explaining the bankruptcy process, the types of relief under the various bankruptcy chapters, Chapter 7, 11 & 13 Petitions and ancillary pleadings including Motions to Lift the Automatic Stay and other commonly used forms. This section also includes helpful "to do" lists and templates.

The section includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Client letter: information that you should know about a bankruptcy filing

  • A summary of the bankruptcy process, how to handle a bankruptcy, and other practice tips

  • Client intake forms, letters, fee agreement, non representation letter, bankruptcy case timetable template and other case management forms

  • Client letter: explanation of a bankruptcy case filing and procedure

  • Explanation of exempt property for a bankruptcy petition

  • Corporate resolution authorize filing of bankruptcy

  • Bankruptcy petitions, schedules, bankruptcy index & bankruptcy petition cover sheet

  • Application and order to pay fee in installments

  • Sample bankruptcy filing instructions for chapter 7, 11 & 13 cases

  • Notice letter to creditors and sheriff informing them of the bankruptcy and requesting the creditors to cease any further collection attempts

  • Application and order to employ attorneys

  • Application, affidavit and order for payment of attorney's fees

  • Notice of legal representation in a bankruptcy and requesting notice of hearings, pleadings and other filings in a case and s uggestion of bankruptcy

  • Motion and order to convert a chapter 13 or 11 bankruptcy to a chapter 7

  • Motion to reset a creditor's meeting

  • Proof of a secured and unsecured claims forms

  • Reaffirmation agreement for a previously existing debt in a bankruptcy

  • Motion and order to dismiss a debtor's bankruptcy for failure to pay chapter 13 payments

  • Motion, notice, certificates and orders to lift the automatic stay

  • Motion and order to avoid a secured lien in personal property

  • Letter to a trustee per a motion to reinstate a bankruptcy

  • Application, notice and order for a court order to cancel and discharge a judgment and judgment lien