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This section contains the most commonly used forms for protecting one’s assets through the use of a Family Limited Partnership. It also includes forms to file the partnership and explain the process to the client.

The section includes but is not limited to the following:

· A summary of the asset protection practice area. How family limited partnerships are used in asset protection as well as other practice tips

· A long letter to a client that explains the asset protection concept and ways to protect their property including the use of corporations vs. family limited partnerships. There is also an explanation of the bankruptcy process, exempt vs. non exempt Texas property for collection and bankruptcy purposes

· A long letter to a client that explains wills, probate and estate planning concepts that should be considered along with asset protection concepts

· A net worth information form

· Long family limited partnership agreement

· The filing letter for the family limited partnership agreement that is sent to the Secretary of State’s Office

· A client letter that explains how to operate a family limited partnership